Radio / Podcast Interview: Rutu Modan

Wir empfehlen das – auf englisch geführte – Gespräch von Andreas Stuhlmann mit Rutu Modan!
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Andreas Stuhlmann: „My interview with Israeli comic artist Rutu Modan on the occasion of her solo show at the Hamburg Comic Festival in October 2021 as well as the German language publication of her 2020 book „Minharot“ / „Tunnels.“ and her 2007 long-form debut „Exit Wounds“ / „Blutspuren.“
We discuss making art out of life and death, truth and lies, family, friends and foes. I hope you’ll enjoy her warmth and her wisdom, her trenchant irony and artistic accuracy just as much as I do.
To find out more about Rutu’s work visit her work at Drawn & Quarterly.“


Rutu Modan bei Carlsen Comics

Rutu Modan bei Drawn & Quarterly