Schaufensterkonzert mit Aimée Argote (Des Ark/USA)

Wir freuen uns riesig: Heute mit ihrer Soloshow zu Gast – Die Songwriterin Aimée Argot, die gerade mit ihrer Band Des Ark durch Europa tourte.

Der Eintritt ist frei.
Samstag, 7. April um 20:30 Uhr

“Des Ark is a whole different animal. Aimée Argote’s work is backwoods hippy stuff that is profane and vulgar as any lady has ever been. Her compositions are organic songs that are driven by her soulful voice holding strongly to its southern accent and are driven by acoustic guitars and pianos. If it was not for the grotesquely vulgar and overtly bi-sexual nature of her songs, they would be among the most gorgeous ever composed.

”During the last decade Aimée Argote has howled and jerked in sweaty houses and rock clubs, backed by a drummer, another drummer, yet another drummer and a second guitarist, and a small symphony. She’s brought big crowds to a whisper with nothing but her voice and a banjo or a tiny guitar that kept slipping out of tune.

Des Ark