Heute frisch ausgepackt: viele neue Titel und alte Klassiker.
Unter anderem führen wir jetzt:


Adrin Tomine (Halbe Wahrheiten, Sommerblond) – „Scenes from an Impending Marriage – a prenuptial memoir“
EUR 8,90

„You are cordially invited to witness the hilarious true story of one couple’s long march to the altar. Best known for his cover illustrations for The New Yorker and for the critacally-acclaimed graphic novel Shortcomings, Adrian Tomine now opens the pages of his private sketchbook to reveal a witty, intimate account of the heady months prior to getting married“

Jessica Abel – La Perdida
Eur 20,50

„Put down your dog-eared Love and Rockets and read this. Fans of Los Bros will recognize a kindred spirit, but Abel is very inch her own artist.bHer tale of Carla’s catastrophic folly is fierce and unforgettable“  Susan Choi

Oji Suzuki – A Single Match
EUR 22,50

Garo’s gekika-ka Oji Suzuki explores memory, relationships, and loss with a shifting narrative and splashes of surrealists humor. Suzuki is one of the most talented and poetic alternative caroonists in Japan. A Single Match is his first Englisch Story collection.