Call for Papers: Embodying Feminist Discourse in Comics & Graphic Novels

Comics and graphic novels by female practitioners that explore themes of identity and belonging from a feminist or LGBTQ+ standpoint are at the heart of a current resurgence of the medium. Whether fiction or autobiography, and across a wide range of genres and discourses, critiques of mainstream patriarchal culture are a key aspect of their narrative content, context and structure.

This CFP invites papers to explore graphic novels across cultural and social boundaries and through a range of critical methodologies. These could focus on a theme or movement or the work of salient practitioner(s).

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300 to 500-word Abstracts Deadline: 6  December 2021
Full Articles Deadline: Aug/Sept 2022
MAI considers submissions in the following formats:

Academic research articles (6000-8000 words)
Interviews (1000-3000 words)
Creative writing (poems, short stories, creative responses, max 3000 words)
Video essays (5-10 min + a brief supporting statement 800-1000 words)
Photographs or visual/audio-visual art
Comics or comics-essays

MAI formatting guidelines: