Schaufensterkonzert: The Dropout Patrol (Berlin)

Konzert am 9. Dezember um 20.30 Uhr.

Lo-Fi Pop aus Berlin. Eintritt frei  – Spende für die Band erwünscht.

The Dropout Patrol started as a one girl freetime activity about 10 years ago but is slowly slowly slowly evolving iinto a „real band“ with rougher instrumentation, making people think they could draw comparisons to early Cat Power, Pavement, Songs:Ohia or even Karate, which is crazy. There have been a handful of sloppy recordings and live shows and, well, breaks. ‚The Dropout Patrol‘ is also the name of a book which contains useful tips on how to keep your kids in school.

Jana Punchline – guitar, vocals
Mystery Boy – drums
Stedie Wonder – bass












The Dropout Patrol